Hello world! My name is Saquib Alam Doing Masters in Control, Systems and Robotics
at kth royal institute of technology, sweden

(Like my Life, this page is always under construction)
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About me

Every successful system/innovation is a fusion of multiple technologies and creativity, rather than just one. This idea has always inspired me to quickly learn and adopt new innovative ideas, concept, and technologies. Which led me to chose a career in robotics as it is extremely diverse and interdisciplinary in nature.
I have a strong background in programming, real-time and autonomous systems. I love solving challenging problem in these fields. Apart from this I am an enthusuastic traveller and amateur photographer.



Pursuing Masters in System, Control and Robotics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden with specialization in Autonomous Systems.


I completed my bachelor's from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 2015. My major was in Engineering Physics. Experience at IIT Bombay was life changing where I step out of my comfort zone and explorevariety of things apart from academics.



I worked as full-stack web-developer and then expanded to senior software engineer. My work involved use of Deep Neural Networks to detect and track target inside video for real-time ad placement.


During my bachelor's I co-founded an Explainer video animation company, Adimation(later Brandoneer). We specialised in creating small, beautifull and efficient videos that explain other companies ideas to its user or investor. While company is not operational now, experience was hugely positive, managing study, job, social life and other extra-curricular was thrilling, exhausting and fun. Video can be found here - Video Link


Mohammad Saquib Alam